About Us

ODCO, with over 20 years of experience in various markets, serves buyers and sellers to trade in the most efficient, fast and secure way. ODCO also provides consultancy services for domestic & foreign companies in different areas of business such as sales & marketing, business development, supplier development, etc.

Our Mission

To provide precise, leading and continious service to our clients in a solution-oriented manner with our experience in accordance with accurate, reliable and ethical values.

Our Core Values

- Customer Focused

- Reliable

- Honest

- Continious Improvement

Our Vision

To perpetuate success as a Pioneer in the sector & exemplary in service and become the first prefrence of clients


ODCO, with its reputable experience in the market, serves the clients in various fields of business. Along with clients’ requests, ODCO has services in consulting, business development both for sales and procurement sides, project management and etc. ODCO also has exclusive agencies and connects its customers with services of global brands.


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Alacaatlı Mahallesi 3381. Sokak
No: 39/A-16 Yaşamkent, 06810
Çankaya / Ankara / Türkiye

Phone Number

+90 312 557 36 52